The Ancient Love Story

Discovering Bharat

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Shaakuntalam is an 2023 Indian Telugu-language historical romantic drama film written and directed by Gunasekhar. It is produced by Neelima Guna under Gunaa Teamworks and distributed by Sri Venkateswara Creations. This movie is based on Kalidasa’s Abhigyana Shakuntalam.

At the core of Shaakuntalam lies a timeless love story between King Dushyanta and the enchanting maiden Sakuntala. The film beautifully portrays their fateful encounter in a mystical forest, where their destinies intertwine. Sage Durvasa’s curse makes Dushyant forget all about Shakuntala until the spell breaks and the two reunite.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who plays role of Shakuntala, looks divine as the flower-laden girl and in all the finery as the queen. Dev Mohan delivers a powerful performance as a righteous king, a fearless warrior and a pining lover. Madhoo has a cameo as Menaka and in the short screen time, she looks exquisite and has an impactful role.

Although this is primarily a love story, but this tells the history of India. The Rishi’s, their Ashrams, The Kingdom, Culture and also the Natural Beauty of India.

If you are curious about Indian History like me then this is a must watch movie for you.

This movie is available in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. You can watch the movie in Amazon Prime.